Native vs react native which approach to choose?

Native vs react native which approach to choose?

When we develop a mobile app for a business the first and foremost thing that comes in our mind is customer experience, and delight. We start wondering different technologies that we can use. Before we comes across the nitty and gritty of mobile app development there are various aspects that we need to keep in mind.

Mobile phones has become the biggest priority of every individual these days. Around 70-75% of mobile phones are sold in a year and according ti the sources there are approximately 3.5 million Android and 2 million iOS devices available in play as well as Apple store.

And when it comes to using an mobile application,around 79% of the users retry the app for the first and second time if the app fails and around 16% of the app users will give a third try.You will get only one chance to get it right.

User experiences trumps everything else when it comes to mobile app development. Perhaps the most important decision that a company takes before developing an app is what approach to consider? Do you want to delight your customers by developing react native application that will integrate into any platform iOS or Android? Or to develop a native app.

So, when developing an app the first thing that comes in mind is what to choose? To be honest each approach has its own pros and cons.Let ys understand in details.

Before going further and talk about which approach is better let us first under about native and hybrid app development.

React native app development

React native framework is created by facebook to make it easy for the developers by enabling cross platform mobile app development. Which means you now don’t have to build Android and iOS app separately. You just have two write one codebase for both Android and iOS.

If you think what happen to UI/UX designs, you don’t need to worry as native app development allows to develop an app without compromising on the UI/UX experience.

Today many big brands are recognizing the potential of react native app development for business.

Javascript is must for react native, and if you know it its a quick pickup.There is no need to learn iOS Swift and Java for Android— JavaScript with some native UI elements,APIs, and platform-specific design patterns, if you these you are good to develop a react native app.React Native uses RCTBridgeModule to build connection between native code and JavaScript code.

Whereas when it comes to speed, efficiency, agility, better app performance React native is best.It has gained massive popularity,and market share. It is the 14th most starred repository on Github.

Thus, it has become a trending topic in addition to the framework.

Native app development

It is a software platform that is used to develop an application in a particular platform be it for Java, Android, and Swift, Objective C for iOS. It has a fast and responsive platform. A native application has the advantage to provide high performance, flexibility, best access to features, and reliability. Mostly all the video games are developed in native. The native app can access multiple services GPS, quick notification etc.

Is React native is better than native?Secret war of mobile development

There is no answer to this question. Its all depend upon the project taken by a developer and requirement of a client.

If a client needs a project which needs to be developed in Android than there is no need to use a cross-platform option. It all depends upon the idea and implementation of the project. React native comes, where a client needs his project to build in both the languages.

There are many cases where react native does not come into play and sometimes it is only the factor.

h3 style=”text-align: justify;”>Why React Native?

Due to increase speed and other factors, we recommend reacting native platform.

1. Open-Source framework:

Open source means developers can be flexible in coding. Inspecting a code is possible for developers to understand the framework. If you find any bug in coding, it is possible to fix it for both the framework. The library is also compatible. If you require to change any features, it is too possible to add or change.

2. Fast and convenient app development:

The foremost principle of react native framework over native framework is that you will save a lot of o time and money and will get the app in multiple platforms by coding only once in javascript that will be applicable for both Android and iOS.
This means that you don’t need to learn two languages, your work will be possible if you know javascript. It is much easier than Java, swift, objective c etc. Also it a simple language which not only saves time in development but also significant for adding features, testing, and detecting the bug far better than platform dependent languages.
So if you want to develop your application fast, with less amount of money react native the best option to choose.

3. Ease of transitioning:

Since it is much easy to understand javascript than other languages, a web developer can easily make the transition to mobile development having knowledge of the basic concept of javascript, if you don’t want to know more you can stick to basic. Implementing these will get you more exposure and audience at both the play store.

4. Hot reloading feature:

React native language has a very unique feature called “Hot Reloading”. This allows the developer to view all the changes that they are making at the time of development in the real time on the screens. Which is easy for the developers to implement changes in both the platforms.

Why Native app development?

1. Apps with AR/VR and IOT:

If you want your application with artificial and virtual reality all you have do is to make your app using native development which you will not get in react native one. IT lacks all the features.
Go with the native them to implement your application with AR/VR and other updated technologies.

2. Wipeout rejection in play store:

When it comes to acceptance in the play store 100% application are approved accept you fail any rules and regulations. If a developer will adhere to the rules given by google and apple play store, the chances will increase.
The complexity is little more when it comes to cross-platform applications. An app has an equal opportunity of acceptance the thing is the app the chances of issues will be more.

3. Supports all API’s:

Another important feature why developers want to choose native development is that it supports all the APIs and functionalities. A developer need not depend upon any other feature for the library as all are available in one framework. You need not be aware of
all the coming updates as they automatically updated in the framework. It is much easier to find and debug the error.

4. Less complex designing:

when it comes to native app development designer are making an app for both Android and iOS and. They need to keep in mind the guidelines of both the stores. Designing an interface is complex. It creates a lot of confusion to developers and sometimes all they need is to write separate codes by following all the guidelines of both the platforms.
The native development is much better, simple and less complex. As the development of iOS and Android app is implemented differently. Which requires the developers to implement the designs by following all the rules and guidelines of the particular app store.


Are you still confuse in between the two options. What to choose or not? Here is the conclusion for you.
If you want to develop an application with the implementation of all the latest technologies like AR/VR, IOT, 3D animation artificial intelligence and so forth.

Native app development is the best choice for you. It allows you with all the APIs, error detection, and supports all the functionality. Difficulty in making app comes in time, money and transitions.

React Native development, on the other hand, is followed by big brands and are in trend. Most of the companies are following this technology.

If you want your application in cross-platform, timely, need a team of few developers, building a complex app which requires reusable component and wants to build in less amount of time and money react native is the best choice for you. React Native development has added an asset in the javascript framework.

While pursuing his undergraduate studies from Panjab University, Chandigarh Pradeep founded Technokriti Solutions LLP and WeMited Innovations Pvt. Ltd. For the past six years through Technokriti, Pradeep has project managed multiple business opportunities that cover the Internet of Things (IOT), to innovative messaging platforms, mobile gaming applications and enterprise business solutions. Technokriti are specialists in planning and development and work with industry standard languages to include PHP, JS Node, JavaScript, Swift, Objective-C and Java. Their in-house services offer a complete product experience from server to screen, across all devices. Pradeep is also a director and shareholder of several UK tech companies through his development and software services at Technokriti Solutions LLP.

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