How top brands are using AI to enhance the marketing infographics?

How top brands are using AI to enhance the marketing infographics?

Marketing is the foremost solution to enhance the sales and implementing a brand strategy. Whereas marketing a product requires your skills and creativity. Artificial intelligence has become the top notch in marketing the top. Can you think of a machine marketing and selling a product?

Artificial intelligence switch to reality has somewhat futuristic but many brands like Nike are implementing AI system known as ‘Nike on demand’. Which encourage and motivate people to spend a healthy life by sending motivation quotes. Many brands are now implementing AI for marketing purpose.

AI is enhancing the sales process through AI insight of sales data, and can also assist sales representative with the overall service. It is also available in help desk, salesforce automation and CRM.

According to HBR companies that are implementing artificial intelligence in sales are claimed to have a 50% increase in their leads. It is now also enhancing the social media profiles of the prospects.

Artificial Intelligence has reduced the workload as time-consuming processes are done by sales automation thus reducing the sales cycle.

When it comes to customer targeting there is two segmentation:

No segmentation at all: It means targeting the customers by implementing the same strategy. Treating all the customers in the same way without segmenting them will reduce the market demand and almost 80-85% of the companies are implementing at least basic form of segmentation techniques.

Example: when a bookstore is selling customized books of the particular author which is used by only professionals or researchers, thus it does not need any segmentation of customers. As that books will be used by the research scholars and other professionals.

Customer segmentation:

It is done by using various tools and techniques like excel sheet, Tableau etc by considering segments such as demographics, income, geography etc.

Example: Brands like Myntra, Amazon, Flipkart are segmenting the customers as the newborn, children, youth and old age people to sell clothes They are implementing a different strategy to target different segments.

Flipkart has its big billions days every year, it starts targeting its customers who have visited Flipkart in the 6 months before the sales starts. They send personalized video ads to its different customer segments based on data points such as age, gender, location, categories they have browsing etc.

Artificial Intelligence is leaving its marks if we talk about Amazon product “Alexa”, customers can experience real voice experience which gives the users an intuitive way to interact with the advanced technology.

Benefits of AI in branding:

Enhance the brand strategy of customer targeting:

With AI it becomes easier for the brands to engage and interact with the customers like google voice search and Apple Siri interact with the users and give solutions to their queries with the envision intelligence. This gives the various brands an idea and provides a medium to know about the target customers. Moreover, it helps them to implement and refine the strategies and create a more effective one.

AI provides brands with real-time data:
With the use AI it becomes easy for the marketers to get the customers real time as AI interact with the customers, gather data and provide the information. Brands can use that information to create better customers experience and the main thing is that the market team will get relief and can implement their time in thinking new strategies that customers will love.

Increase in ROI:
Advancement of new technology has open many doors for the brads to market their products. AI allows marketers to tailor unique way or we can say ideas. It allows with the quality time to reshape the customer experiences by investing less money on the execution of the process.

Better communication with the customers:
The company is implementing products can make their customer delighted. AI uses various natural ways to interact with the customers and guides them a long way in their journey. However enhancing the customer experience, whether helping the customers to buy something online or offering a recommendation based on their interest.

Chabot’s and other personal assistant AI tools provide the user with personal assistance by solving the user’s problems 24/7. Research shows that Chatbots are expected to have 85% of the customer service interaction by 2020.

Some of the highlights:
60% of people use AI navigation such as Google Maps.
More than 80% of Netflix viewing is influenced by AI.
Youtube increases its watch time by 50% due to the AI.
Spending on the cognitive systems will reach $31.3 billion by 2019.
Accenture found that AI will double the economic growth rates and boost labor productivity by 40%.

Top Brands Using AI

Many digital marketers and e-commerce business are already on the verge of using Artificial Intelligence to deliver more interaction and automate time-consuming tasks. Various companies realize the growth in revenue, create stronger customer interaction and relationships, maintain competitiveness, and improve the branding. AI optimal market solutions are penetrating the market and businesses are increasing there interested in using AI to improve their marketing. It gives a digital experience to an application or websites and adds the power of thinking and cognitive experiences.


Netflix is using a different techniqe to engage their users. They are creating personalized movie trailer to engage their users by studying the marketing behavior of their users. According to the research, users are watching 70%-80% of the movies based on a recommendation. Thus, they also recommend the movies to the users according to the genre they choosing through bot and chill.


Sephora implements AI to offer product recommendation to the user, for example, the user now can virtually try on makeup to see how it looks on them. To know their customers better they are using chatbots to know their preferences in the form of a quiz.

Starbucks is implementing AI for smoothly handling the functions like the history of customers, weather etc. The exciting thing is that the users can order their coffee by using Amazon product “Alexa” or through the voice assistance “My Starbucks Barista”.

Disney is using AI to track the reaction of the users i.e how the users are reacting while watching the particular film.

Amazon Recognition: With the facial recognition element it identifies the objects or people in video or image.
Amazon Lex Provides chatbots to the users in the form of voice and text, thus provides the users with a better experience.
Amazon Translate: It translates the content in multiple languages giving the user the preference the benefits of accessing the website in a language they prefer.

Apple gives the preference to the users named “Siri” as a personal virtual assistant, location in the images and face recognition to unlock the device.

Facebook uses face recognition features to identify people in images, uses the text to understand the meaning and neural networks to research on users interest to show ads.

Google uses the voice recognition method to give a better experience to the customers, youtube provides the recommendation videos to the users and Google photos have the feature to recognize the faces that have stored in the memory.

MW is using AI to improve its customers’ experiences. “BMW Connected” is an opt-in system and personal mobility companion that is used to gather the data around the customers and their cars like find and share the destinations, schedule trips, avoid traffic etc. BMW Connected was launched in March as a mobile app but has since been integrated for Apple Watch and Amazon Alexa.

Wrap Up:
Performing complex tasks like answering the repetitive queries of the customers can be the time-consuming process for an organization. Chatbots and other virtual assistants AI tools make it very easy for a brand to complete those tasks.
Artificial intelligence is doing manual work on behalf of the marketers and leading to message that hatch the end user in mind. And that’s the promise of artificial intelligence-based marketing.

While pursuing his undergraduate studies from Panjab University, Chandigarh Pradeep founded Technokriti Solutions LLP and WeMited Innovations Pvt. Ltd. For the past six years through Technokriti, Pradeep has project managed multiple business opportunities that cover the Internet of Things (IOT), to innovative messaging platforms, mobile gaming applications and enterprise business solutions. Technokriti are specialists in planning and development and work with industry standard languages to include PHP, JS Node, JavaScript, Swift, Objective-C and Java. Their in-house services offer a complete product experience from server to screen, across all devices. Pradeep is also a director and shareholder of several UK tech companies through his development and software services at Technokriti Solutions LLP.

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