Augmented reality: A Better Customer Experience

Augmented reality: A Better Customer Experience

“AR has changed the way how reality is augmented by technology to create exceptions”

Digital technology is getting advanced and has transformed the way how brands interact with their customers. Many brands such as Google, Microsoft, Apple etc are now implementing augmented solutions to give their customers a unique experience.

AR/VR is quite demanding technologies that have shaped the business and has provided emerging customer experience. It has now become the foremost technology in the market and assumes to hit a $150 billion market by 2020.

Augmented reality has developed considerably, GoogleARCore and Apple ARKit that have accelerated the growth. Top businesses have realized the importance of AR due to unpredictable advancement in technology i.e the way gadgets are transforming our lives.

Augmented reality is marker based, markerless based, a projection based and Superimposition Based. In marker based you use a camera or some type of marker, such as a QR/2D code, to produce a result.

Markerless AR uses a digital compass, GPS, velocity meter, which is embedded in the device which helps in location detection. Projection based AR helps in projecting artificial light into real-world surfaces. And superimposition AR fully replaces the view of the product with the newly augmented view.

The question here arises what is the buzz about AR/VR and how it has molded the business and emerges with better customer experience?

Let us have a deep understanding of how they are rapidly revamping the way we interact with the world around us.

Augmented reality:

Augmented reality is the interactive experience of digital information with the real-time environment. It brings the digital components into the perception of people to the real world providing mixed reality spectrum.

The retail sector has implemented AR to enhance the shopping experience of their customers. They started incorporating the AR into the apps allowing the customers to visualize how they are looking in the dress or if they are buying the frame they can now see how it looks on their face.

For furniture, Consumers just need to point the camera to the room and the product will appear in the desired room to allow customers to have a better experience before buying the products.

AR is the game changer in the app development environment and has become the new era of connectivity between digital components and the physical world. It allows the brands to provide the real-life experience on how the product they are buying will change their lives.

Apps like Zombies Go, in which you need to search out of the zombies and take on hoards of Zombies popping up wherever you go.

How AR is reshaping customer Experiences?

Augmented reality has changed the scenario of how business is engaging their customers and attracting new customers to try their products. By implementing the trending technology brands has differentiated themselves from their competitors.

They are changing the way how the consumers are engaging with the product in their physical place by giving them an individual view of the store and attention.

AR in turns helping business to increase their sales of various products, creating the deeper interaction with their customers and cost-effective ways to engage customers.

Let us understand how the industries are implemented AR to enhance the customer experience and getting benefited.

AR for Retail Shopping Experience

The retail industry has become foremost in providing customers with a unique experience and making customers delighted. Virtual try rooms mobile applications are in new fashion, it has changed the manner to connect with the millennials. It is easy for them to try clothing and accessories in different colors and then decide what to buy giving a better experience to customers. Brands like Amazon, Zara, coca-cola are also realizing the impact and adopting AR.

Benefits of using AR Solutions for the Retail sector:
Get ultra-real 3D interactive models of products like if they are at a brick and mortar store.
Buyers can get a full view of the store and can able to get an idea of how their product will look.
It allows deeper interaction and better user engagement.

AR for branding and advertisement

AR is not only used by brands for retail but also for their branding and advertisement purposes. They are bringing life to an advertisement in form of interactive brochures, banners, flyer, and other media for advertisement.

They have sponsored a very thrilling experience for the audience to play their favorite sport with their favorite players and using promo games for promotion of new launch. This helps to build the ongoing relationship between consumers and retailers. The first AR commercial was introduced in 2008 by German agencies in Munich.


Enable brands to connect with their target audience emotionally.
Build trust in the audience and increases sales.
Implement SLAM (Simultaneous Localization & Mapping), facial construction and many more features to render solutions for marketing.

AR in financial services

Augmented reality has also offered great features in the finance sector. It is now used in the banking sector for an ease in accessing accounts and faster payment services by increasing the safety.

Giving customers a secure access to their accounts.
It enables to build the customer-centric solution.
It enhances the CX by giving personal assistance to customers to find nearby ATM.

AR in the travel industry

One of the fiery use of AR is done in the travel industry by making the journey more simple, interactive, seamless and contextualized services to the users. Location-based AR solution is the most accurate guide to the city has made it affection. The user just needs to point their camera and they can see the things around.


Find the location easily and can interact with the historical buildings.
Virtual tour of the hotels and restaurant location to see the view and ambiance.
Real-time travel guide.

AR in the education sector

AR in the education sector in limitless making it interactive and fun-loving. AR and VR help students to real-time experience to provide a clear understanding of the product. Medical students are also benefiting from the AR/VR concept as it allows them practicing the procedures without actually implementing incision.


Interactive sessions that enhance student interest and understanding.
Training of doctors for difficult surgery has become easy.
Advanced knowledge about a particular concept.
Fields trips to the students sitting at their homes.

AR solution for healthcare

AR in the health sector is expected to reach USD 1.5 billion by 2022. It helps users to see how drugs work in 3D view rather than reading the full description.

Global Augmented reality has developed and has made an advantage to health care sector to train their staff. Gesture technology along with the AR glasses provides the hand’s free approach to medical information.


Better Quality treatment to patients.
More interactive training for the medical staff.
Accessing the records of the patients has made AR easier.

Wrap Up

“AR is changing lives how the individual sees the reality in 3D components”

The importance of Augmented and Virtual Reality for a Business or Enterprise to develop applications for smartphones, tablets that empower the customers with a delightful experience. It is basically a disruptive medium to use the information in a way that technology has never been able to do.

The first thing that comes to mind is the pokemon go game. The adventurous game has made people excited. Today audience is smart enough and they are now demanding the cutting edge experience of AR.

The growth of AR marketing is expected to hit $117.4bn in 2022 and according to the sources 40% of the users are willing to pay more if they could test in AR before buying the products.

Brands now know the customer’s interest and have realized the AR applications and also the benefit they will get after implementing it by making AR impact to the customers and also stand out from their competitors.

While pursuing his undergraduate studies from Panjab University, Chandigarh Pradeep founded Technokriti Solutions LLP and WeMited Innovations Pvt. Ltd. For the past six years through Technokriti, Pradeep has project managed multiple business opportunities that cover the Internet of Things (IOT), to innovative messaging platforms, mobile gaming applications and enterprise business solutions. Technokriti are specialists in planning and development and work with industry standard languages to include PHP, JS Node, JavaScript, Swift, Objective-C and Java. Their in-house services offer a complete product experience from server to screen, across all devices. Pradeep is also a director and shareholder of several UK tech companies through his development and software services at Technokriti Solutions LLP.

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